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A fresh Approach to Algorithmic Composition

Muzoti is an Algorithmic Composition system that generates original music with realistic melodies and counterpoint.

The system is not fed on existing musical data, but instead uses principles of human perception and learning to compose melodies and rhythms that sound truly musical.

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All the following pieces of music were composed by the same algorithm, with macro parameters tweaked between them, such as overall tempo. The instruments to be used for each part were chosen manually. The notes, rhythms and chords were completely algorithmically determined.

The Heroes 2016 set was created especially for a giant puppet performance on the South Bank, London in August 2016 as part of the Rio Olympic Opening Celebrations. Sounding very different - this shows the variety that can be achieved by simply changing the instruments and a few macro parameters. The pieces were generated by running the program about 40 times, each time with different hand-picked instruments and finally selecting the best 23 pieces.

An algorithmic music radio station

More than 2 decades in the making, Muzoti is the result of research into what makes music musical. More information here. Currently in testing, Muzoti is operating as a compose-on-demand service and able to produce a real-time online stream of algorithmic music.

For situations where branded recognisable music is not necessary, Muzoti could be used in this way to provide continuous unique music for environments such as:

Coming soon - a real-time responsive algorithmic composition system

Being able to influence the music as it is being composed is the next stage. Not just macro parameters such as tempo and loudness, but actually having parametric control over the melodic forms and interplay bewtween instruments. This opens up a number of extra opportunities:

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